Friday, 27 April 2007

ReAnimator (MUSIC VIDEO)

This has got to be one of the worst songs that I have ever heard. I stand by this statement, 100 percent. Well people, personally I used to be a DJ. I did it for roughly 14 years, both as a mobile DJ and later on as a Club DJ. Never in my life though, was I forced to play such pure unadulterated CRAP! Whoever it was that had the idea that singing about corpses, in the style of Barbie Girl by AQUA was good should be shot.

This "Music" Video, and I use the term music in its very loosest form here. Is only really here, because it actually contains footage from Beyond ReAnimator. Very little of it as well, but what it has are good scenes from Beyond ReAnimator. Its funny but its terrible at the same time. I am hoping that the group responsible for this have disbanded, or at the very least changed direction. If you haven't guys, please consider doing so. My ears were bleeding, after literally 30 seconds of this rubbish.

One interesting point about the music video though, is its inclusion of an end title sequence. Why? I really can't explain it, it almost indicates pride. I hope they don't want us to believe this is ReAnimator 3.1, or Beyond ReAnimator: The Directors Cut or something similar. You know what I mean. I usually finish off a post like this, with enjoy. Well if you are deaf then you will, otherwise it may be best viewed on mute. That's what I think, you make your own judgement. Feel free to use the comments link under the post, if you like. Here it is any way.


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