Tuesday, 18 September 2007

This Site Is Not Dead

Hello all, if you had been a visitor here before and had kept coming back you may have jumped to the conclusion that it had been abandoned. That would be a fair assumption, but if that was what you concluded you were wrong. There has been very little information or progress on the announced fourth film in the ReAnimator series, House Of ReAnimator. Although the ReAnimator movies are the main topic or guts of this site, other things will start to emerge shortly.

I will also be devoting attention to other movies that Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton have appeared in together. That's probably more than you think. I will also start writing about other mediums, such as the ReAnimator audiobook and also cover merchandise as well. First up though, I would like to bring to your attention an error on Jeffrey Combs Official site. That's right the one I used to work on, its nothing major and US fans would not even see it as being an error but it is.

Recently, Jeffs site reported the DVD release of "H P Lovecraft's From Beyond". The site mentions it is the first official release, this is completely untrue. Sorry Jeff, I don't mean to offend you mate. What the site should have stated was that it is the first official US release on DVD. I personally own a copy of the 2000 release, which came out in Germany. Although it is a german release, the disc does give you the option of the original English audio.

The US or zone 1 release, which came out on the 11th of September this year is the Director's Cut and not the cinema released version. I am yet to see this version, which is a bit of a first for myself just ask fan club president Cynthia Zimmerman. That's if Cynthia is still there, the staff page has now been removed so I can't confirm this, oh well. There are many differences though between the 2 editions on disc, most noteably I suppose the fact that the Directors Cut is in 16:9 where as the 2000 release is only in pan and scan.

The DVD extras are as folows for the "Director's Cut"

• Audio commentary by Gordon, producer Brian Yuzna and stars Jeffrey Combs* and Barbara Crampton
• The Director’s Perspective featurette (including an interview with Stuart Gordon done by the owner of the horror store, Dark Delicacies)
• The Editing Room “Lost and Found” featurette
• Interview with Composer Richard Band
• Photo Montage
• Storyboard-to-film comparisons:
- Introduction
- Appearance of Dr. Pretorius
- Death of Bubba
- Hospital Escape
- Katherine Frees Herself

This disc unlike the ReAnimator Millenium Edition, is only a single disc. Still a worthy addition to your library, if you are an avid collector like myself. This disc will sit proudly next to my german release of the original. The cover art for both versions can be seen below.

Director's Cut (2007 Release)

Original Version (2000 Release)

'Til next next time peoples, hopefully that's sooner rather than later.

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