Friday, 30 March 2007

Just Started - Introductory Ranting

Welcome people to ReAnimator Digest, a fan site set up mainly to focus on the ReAnimator series of films. Over the coming weeks and beyond, I will endeavor to bring you news and trivia regarding the announced film House Of ReAnimator. This movie I personally, along with the ReAnimator series fans across the world look forward to with great anticipation.

I have a little bit of history with Jeffrey Combs, main star of the movie. Several years back, I helped out Jeff's official site. I did this in the capacity of contributor and Assistant Webmaster, along with Donna McNutt who was the Webmaster. Perhaps she'd prefer Webmistress, just joking Donna if you are reading.

When I started at the site, I designed a t-shirt featuring Jeff. The t-shirt, I wore in a photo which was displayed on the staff page of the site. Jeff himself liked the t-shirt and asked Cynthia Zimmermann (Fan Club President), to ask me about it. I then sent Cynthia, the jpeg of the picture which I was told was going to end up on a t-shirt for him. I hope he got it, the guy's a legend.

Not a great deal of my content, ever made it to the site. This was due to a variety of problems, ranging from my inability to log into the site to hard drives dieing in my machine, with my work on them. I eventually had to give it away, due to personal commitments at the time. Okay, that's that story.

In addition to the ReAnimator movies, I will also cover other movies Jeffrey Combs and Barbara Crampton have appeared in together. Their career paths have crossed several times, so far all being horror films except for Trancers II. So that's the guts of this blog site, ReAnimator, Jeff, the lovely Barbara and personal rantings. I hope you like it.

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